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V I C T O R I A  M A G R A T H

With over 400K subscribers on YouTube, 600K on Instagram and 1.5 million views a month, Victoria Magrath A.K.A In The Frow is steadily becoming a huge influential figure in the world of social talent. Represented by the leading social talent agency Gleam Futures, her blog In The Frow draws in over 378K readers a month. As a fashion doctorate graduate Victoria definitely knows what she’s talking and writing about when it comes to fashion. She sits down with Olivia Bossert, editor of the independent magazine Atlas to chat about her background in fashion and how she’s created and raised her voice amongst all the noise within the vlogging and blogging community.

Photographed and creatively directed by Kyle Galvin and styled by Sylvester Yiu, Victoria is posed and styled in both elegant and high fashion looks, wearing a mix of high fashion and emerging brands and designers. With her trademark ombre lilac hair, combined with nude and colourful makeup looks by Jade Dixon, Victoria is a captivating vision for Atlas’s Enchantment issue.


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